You Know You Have P.C.D.

You Know You Have P.C.D.


March 1st, 2013

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We have had an outpouring of patrons suffering from P.C.D. (Post Carnival Depression) and ShorBlu Events & Back 2 Basics have been hard at work in the lab to come up with a cure and by golly we found it!!!

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However we also think group therapy will definitely assist those suffering from this life altering condition. Share your experiences/symptoms with us, let others suffering from P.C.D know that they are not alone. We will start the ball rolling with a couple examples. Please share you symptoms with us in the comments below.

What Is P.C.D. – P.C.D. short for Post Carnival Depression is a phenomenon that usually afflicts Trinidad & Tobago Carnival participants. Symptoms vary from mild to severe and can occur soon after carnival is over or manifest itself in the weeks and months after Trinidad Carnival.



Symptoms include but are not limited to:

Depression, feelings of loss and despair, lack of desire to return to work or to one’s native country (if you don’t live in Trinidad), intense desire to return to “The Road”, attend more carnival/soca parties, participate in heaving drinking & winning even though carnival has long since been over. To get a better idea of P.C.D. we interviewed some patients, here are some of their issues in their own words.


You Know You Have P.C.D. When?

“Yuh start asking yuhself “why does everyone have so much damn clothes on??”

“You carry around your carnival drink cup waiting for it to be magically filled with Johnny and coconut water”

“You go to the bar for a drink but when they ask you for money… something just feels weird”

“When you think you can walk the streets with a COLD STAG in hand!! uuuurrrggghhh no stag here smdh”

“When you didn’t even go to Carnival and depressed just from watching other peoples pictures on Facebook”

“When I say ” We Ready ?”….you suddenly breakout into song and throw your hands in the air…”


Please share you symptoms with us in the comments below





  1. KGB says:

    When will pics be posted from PCD Party on March 23rd? What is the link for thos pics?

    Thank you

  2. DreDoGG says:

    We will have pics up in about a week. However a couple other sites should have their coverage up already. (caribbean), & julianspromo on youtube will have video.

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