Online Ticket Purchase

Online Ticket Purchase


February 26th, 2013

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Please Read Before Purchasing Tickets Below


Why is the price of the tickets on Eventbrite/PayPal higher than advertised?

Eventbrite/PayPal charges a processing fee per ticket. This is added to the cost of the ticket price (usually $1-$2). Example: an event advertised as $25 will cost $26.50 if being purchased online via Eventbrite/PayPal.


When will I receive the online tickets I purchased?

Tickets purchased online are not shipped to your house. All online tickets are “Will Call/Pickup” Tickets. Which means your tickets will be at the box office/door of the event, on the day of the event for you to redeem.


Do I need to bring anything on the day of the event in order to redeem my tickets?

Yes I.D. IS (REQUIRED), and a print out/copy or digital record of the Eventbrite/Paypal receipt/receipt number/transaction I.D. Please note only patrons producing I.D. that matches the name of the purchaser of the tickets will be allowed to redeem tickets NO EXCEPTIONS. If this is an issue please contact Dre – 718-541-1073 prior to the event so that an alternative arrangement can possibly be made.


I am at the event now what?

There will be personnel at the event dealing with Online Pre Purchased Tickets, look out for them. In some cases there may also be a sign or a separate line for patrons who purchased tickets online.

Other Things To Note

  • All ticket sales are final, no refund or exchange, Standing room only. Pricing and availability subject to change.
  • If an event has been rescheduled, the original tickets will be honored for the new date and or time. There are NO REFUNDS for a rescheduled event.
  • Weather conditions may affect an event or travel to and from it, but there are no refunds for unused tickets or for the loss of enjoyment caused by these weather conditions or any other “acts of God”.


  1. Tameika says:

    What if I want my tix before I leave for miami. How can I get them?

  2. DreDoGG says:

    What tixs are you speaking of. If you are talking about Miami Vice they can be purchased online here:

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